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The inspiration behind Y2A was recognising the difficulties young people face during their transition into adulthood, such as a lack of resources to help them gain transferable skills and make a positive impact in their communities. So, we thought, "Hey, let's make a difference!" And that's how Y2A was born - an online platform centralising information, resources, and tools to guide young people on their journey to adulthood. But that's not all - Y2A is also the ultimate adventure land for young individuals! It's a chance to not only give back to communities through volunteering and activism, but also to have a blast participating in a variety of social activities like trips, residentials, outdoor excursions, and more.


It's not all learn and no play here at Y2A!

Y2A Mission Statement


Y2A's mission is to equip, encourage, and inspire young people in the UK to become leaders of tomorrow by providing access to a variety of programs and initiatives that support development and growth as well as improve surrounding communities for a better quality of life


Empowering young people to succeed in their transition to adulthood by providing a centralized platform filled with information, resources, tools, and opportunities for both community service and adventure, Y2A is dedicated to creating a positive impact and making a difference in the lives of young individuals.

Y2A Vision Statement

Our Values

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